About Intimate:Inanimate

Modern society spends a fortune on new objects every day, and quite often finite objects such as gadgets and clothing are bought without any real thought or significance, eventually being discarded or replaced with the newest model. Throughout our lifetime, we may be fortunate to come across (purchased or otherwise) some items that hold very real and genuine value or meaning, never to be discarded or replaced.

INTIMATE:INANIMATE is a long term photography project which focusses on individuals who have in their possession an object of personal or private significance. Each object has a special meaning or importance to the bearer and says something about the person behind it, something that relates to them as an individual. Each person is shot in black and white, set against a dark background and accompanied by the personal object. Thoughout the photoshoot, the person is asked to give a description of the object, why they chose the object in the first place and what the object means to them. This will bring out the intimate and emotional attachment to the inanimate object, as well as the emotions of the person sharing their story who is then captured on film. During the course of the shoot, each story is recorded and once the photo has been selected, a short synopsis along with the photograph itself will be posted to the INTIMATE:INANIMATE Facebook page. This site also accompanies the project, which displays each photograph in the series.

There is no financial gain related to this initiative as this is a personal project, through which the expression of my friends personalities (and maybe their otherwise private belongings) are shared with others. By way of thanks, the photo(s) taken will be sent to each person taking part for them to print, store or share. Ultimately, the plan is to exhibit these outputs in public, a future event where all participants will be invited as guests of honour (accompanied by the object where possible), to view all photographs and perhaps share their stories with the wider community.