“I have had this object for over 25 years, passed to me after my Granddad had died. He enjoyed a flutter on the horses and a number of other things before Parkinson’s Disease took away his sight, as well as a lot of the simple pleasures in life. The one thing he could do even though he had lost his sight was to still play his harmonica. It was awful to see a loved one deteriorating, especially at the age of 14 or 15, and it is only later in life than you can truly reflect on things. It was also a time when I really started getting into music and as it turned out this was my first musical instrument.

I don’t play it all the time and I’ve never learned how to play it properly, but it’s been in the same drawer of the same wardrobe in the various places I’ve lived in. It’s quite nice to bring it out today, as it represents a link to my Granddad, a link to a family member that helps me to remember him in a fond way, which in turn always brings a smile to my face…”