“This scarf was given to me in 1988 at the end of the first term at University, by my future Wife. We met in the halls of residence and started a relationship, no real commitments made on either side. Christmas is a make or break time at University as new couples would spend weeks apart, often at opposite ends of the country. Before she left, she gave me a present to open on Christmas Day, not only had she spent money on the materials, but more importantly time. I pondered its significance in terms of our relationship and whether her commitment in time meant the real start of something special.

Looking at it now, there is nothing special about the scarf itself. It is something I will probably never wear again, but what it means in terms of our relationship is new beginnings, that nervousness of teenage excitement of does she love me or does she fancy me and is this the real thing? Whenever I look at the scarf it brings all of that back and with it that defining moment of really falling in love and cherishing somebody…”