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“It’s only been out of a box twice in almost 20 years, but this small piece of paper signifies a unique emotional experience for me. I was 15 when my Dad’s Mum passed away. At an age when so much of our world view is shaped, she was a huge influence on me. Particularly with no experience of loss, when she suddenly passed without me saying goodbye, I had no idea how to feel or process it. Sat alone staring out of the bedroom, my Mum tried to comfort me; then suggested writing to her. It seemed an odd concept, but with no alternative to channel my thoughts, I tried. Within five minutes, my mind was clear, my heart uplifted. My thoughts, affections, disappointment and goodbyes expressed. It’s not a great piece of prose – and that’s not its value. I cherish it as the final intimate experience we shared, even after she was gone…”